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Craig Fehrman is a Ph.D. student in Yale’s English department and a freelance writer. He's working on a book about presidents and their books [more] . . .

The New New National Book Awards

[All Things Considered] This morning on NPR, I got to talk about the National Book Awards. The story details some of the changes to this year’s nomination process, but I was there to talk about the Awards’ history. I wrote … Continue reading

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Finding the biographer in the biography

[Wall Street Journal] In this Sunday’s Wall Street Journal I’ve got a  long review of A. Scott Berg’s new biography Wilson. It’s also an essay on what exactly a biographer adds to any biography. Just four years ago, another excellent … Continue reading

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A review of Boris Kachka’s Hothouse

[San Francisco Chronicle] In yesterday’s San Francisco Chronicle I’ve got a review of Boris Kachka’s Hothouse, a fun new book on the history of FSG. Kachka’s uncovered a ton of good anecdotes, including this one about improbable FSG author Tom … Continue reading

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A grisly tale of murder . . . for kids?

[Boston Globe] In this weekend’s Boston Globe Ideas section, I’ve got a short interview with Michelle Ann Abate, the author of a new scholarly book on the history of homicide in children’s literature. If your only exposure to YA and … Continue reading

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A review of Mark Leibovich’s This Town

[Boston Globe] This week in the Boston Globe I’ve got a review of Mark Leibovich’s This Town. The book’s been reviewed everywhere, of course, but one of my favorite anecdotes hasn’t appeared in any of them. (To be fair, it … Continue reading

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The real facts on Indiana’s health insurance rates

[Indianapolis Star] In today’s Indianapolis Star, I’ve got a short op ed on the claim that health insurance will go up by 72 percent under Obamacare. I’ve got a personal stake in this story since I’m moving back to my homestate … Continue reading

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A review of Edward McClelland’s Nothin’ But Blue Skies

[NUVO] In this week’s issue of NUVO, Indianapolis’s alt weekly, I’ve got a review of Ted McClelland’s new book on the rise and fall of manufacturing in the Midwest. It’s an important book, even though it’s not a perfect one. … Continue reading

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