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Craig Fehrman is a Ph.D. student in Yale’s English department and a freelance writer. He's working on a book about presidents and their books [more] . . .

Finding the biographer in the biography

[Wall Street Journal] In this Sunday’s Wall Street Journal I’ve got a  long review of A. Scott Berg’s new biography Wilson. It’s also an essay on what exactly a biographer adds to any biography. Just four years ago, another excellent … Continue reading

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A review of Boris Kachka’s Hothouse

[San Francisco Chronicle] In yesterday’s San Francisco Chronicle I’ve got a review of Boris Kachka’s Hothouse, a fun new book on the history of FSG. Kachka’s uncovered a ton of good anecdotes, including this one about improbable FSG author Tom … Continue reading

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A grisly tale of murder . . . for kids?

[Boston Globe] In this weekend’s Boston Globe Ideas section, I’ve got a short interview with Michelle Ann Abate, the author of a new scholarly book on the history of homicide in children’s literature. If your only exposure to YA and … Continue reading

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A review of Mark Leibovich’s This Town

[Boston Globe] This week in the Boston Globe I’ve got a review of Mark Leibovich’s This Town. The book’s been reviewed everywhere, of course, but one of my favorite anecdotes hasn’t appeared in any of them. (To be fair, it … Continue reading

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The real facts on Indiana’s health insurance rates

[Indianapolis Star] In today’s Indianapolis Star, I’ve got a short op ed on the claim that health insurance will go up by 72 percent under Obamacare. I’ve got a personal stake in this story since I’m moving back to my homestate … Continue reading

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A review of Edward McClelland’s Nothin’ But Blue Skies

[NUVO] In this week’s issue of NUVO, Indianapolis’s alt weekly, I’ve got a review of Ted McClelland’s new book on the rise and fall of manufacturing in the Midwest. It’s an important book, even though it’s not a perfect one. … Continue reading

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Castellini, ctd.

[700 WLW; 1530 ESPN] Yesterday, I got to go on Cincinnati’s 700 WLW to talk about my New York Times essay on the Reds’ owner Bob Castellini. You can listen to it here and read the essay here. I also … Continue reading

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