No, seriously: Why do people run for president?

[Talk of the Nation]

I was on NPR’s Talk of the Nation yesterday, talking about my op ed on why presidents run. You can listen here, and you can read the original piece here.

The best caller was an older gentleman from outside Indianapolis, which felt strange since I was doing my end of the interview from Indy’s WFYI. I’m in Indiana right now working on a profile of Mike Pence. Expect more in the future on why people run for governor!

Talking David Markson on NPR’s All Things Considered


On this weekend’s All Things Considered, I got a chance to talk with Guy Raz about David Markson and the surprising fate of many authors’ libraries. The segment was based on my story for the Boston Globe‘s “Ideas” section (see also this blog post), and NPR did a great job expanding on it — they even interviewed Annecy Liddell, the recent college grad who discovered one of Markson’s books and kick-started this whole crazy process.

One more thing: “connectable” is in fact a word. Not a common one — certainly not an elegant one — but a word nonetheless.