Other Writing

Here are some of my favorite stories I’ve written, many of which have nothing to do with presidents and their books!

My favorite publication, as both a reader and a writer, was Deadspin, and I remain proud of two two-part stories I wrote for it. The first focuses on a youth baseball player named Jericho Scott:

The second focuses on my neighbor, an octogenarian basketball lover named Iris:

I like writing about books and ideas, especially when I can profile authors:

I also like writing about politics, especially at the state level:

Even after ten years on the beat, I still like writing about presidents and their books! Here are a few stories that are similar to Author in Chief, though I ended up cutting most of this material from the book for pacing reasons. Consider them deleted scenes, or maybe a free preview:


3 thoughts on “Other Writing

  1. Enjoyed Author in Chief book very much. Fantastic Scholarship. It answered a lot of questions I had about presidential writing. One question, there was no commentary on Herbert Hoovers Presidential memoirs? Why? Granted they were dry as dust, but am I am curious. I hope you reply.

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