Review of Sam Munson’s The November Criminals

[Wall Street Journal]

In tomorrow’s Wall Street Journalonline tonight!—I’ve got a review of Sam Munson’s first novel, The November Criminals. About the only bad thing I can say is that its page numbers are basically unreadable. (See for yourself on Google Books.)

One point I try to raise in the review is how and why we might think of The November Criminals as a “conservative novel.” The best broad take on this topic remains Benjamin Nugent’s, which appeared a couple of years back in n+1. Munson fans might also listen to this interview with him on The Forward‘s website. He sounds like another Jewish stoner funny man, Seth Rogen, to an uncanny degree.


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Craig Fehrman is a Ph.D. student in Yale’s English department and a freelance writer. He's working on a book about presidents and their books [more] . . .
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