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Gladwell Agonistes

[x-posted at The Rumpus] I’m not sure why Malcolm Gladwell’s fourth book, What the Dog Saw, which collects 19 of his New Yorker essays, has been the one to incite a riot of review-essays. Were the first three books not … Continue reading

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Do Journalists Conference Too Much about Journalism?

[New Haven Advocate] It’s shaping up to be a busy (and alt-weekly-ish) day around here. In this week’s New Haven Advocate, I’ve got a short piece that previews this weekend’s big journalism conference at Yale. (Full program here [.pdf].) The … Continue reading

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Aggregators and the Media: Sportscenter Edition

[Slate’s The Big Money] One of the things I don’t understand about the Huffington Post—and there are many—is its lack of a sports page. I mean, they have one, technically, but it doesn’t make the home page’s navigation bar and seems … Continue reading

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Linking and Fact-checking: The New Yorker Strikes Back

[x-posted at Splice Today] In this week’s New Yorker, James Surowiecki has a great piece on health care. (How’s this for a lede? “There are times when Americans’ attitude toward health-care reform seems a bit like St. Augustine’s take on … Continue reading

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Jericho Scott Has A Cold

[Deadspin] Over at Deadspin, I’ve got a long feature on Jericho Scott, the 9-year-old baseball player banned for being “too good.” I wanted to explain how and why this became the worst-covered sports story of 2008, but I also wanted … Continue reading

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Linking and Fact-checking: Best Served Together

[Splice Today] Over at Splice Today, I’ve got a story on linking, fact-checking, and Nicholson Baker’s great New Yorker essay on the Kindle. Again, the point isn’t that Baker and co. made a mistake—and it’s about as small a mistake … Continue reading

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The Freelance Life

[x-posted at The Rumpus] The latest issue of the Oxford American includes their annual “Best of the South” package, but it’s also got an essay on the struggles of freelancing, a subject that knows no geographical bounds. For almost 20 … Continue reading

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