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A profile of Mike Pence, Indiana’s new governor

[Indianapolis Monthly] In the January issue of Indianapolis Monthly, I’ve got a 5,000-word profile of Mike Pence. On January 14, Pence will be sworn in as Indiana’s new governor, and I talked to more than 30 of his friends, acquaintances, … Continue reading

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Stop cluttering our state constitutions!

[Slate] At Slate today, I’ve got a story on Kentucky’s newest constitutional amendment, which enshrines, of all things, the right to hunt. I started digging into this topic because it’s a perfect example of how more and more people are … Continue reading

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No, seriously: Why do people run for president?

[Talk of the Nation] I was on NPR’s Talk of the Nation yesterday, talking about my op ed on why presidents run. You can listen here, and you can read the original piece here. The best caller was an older … Continue reading

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Josh McRoberts, by way of The Jefferson Bible

[Los Angeles Times] In today’s Los Angeles Times, I’ve got an op ed on the Jefferson Bible — back in the news, thanks to a new edition from the Smithsonian, and more relevant than ever, thanks to the Republican presidential … Continue reading

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The Bengals, Hamilton County, and the world’s worst stadium lease

[Cincinnati Magazine] Well, after a couple teasers — a miscellany of quotations from the county official who became a Bengals exec; an appreciation of Mike Brown as a “near-brilliant litigator” — my feature on the Bengals and their stadium lease … Continue reading

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Christmas is only three months away!

For their December 1990 issue, the editors of The American Spectator did the same thing they’d done every year since 1976: they asked a few famous writers, academics, and political types to provide book recommendations for the holiday shopping season. … Continue reading

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Presidents and Their Limited Editions

[Boston Globe] I’m a little late in linking to this, but I wrote another story for the Boston Globe‘s Ideas section — this one on the crazy, opulent history of deluxe presidential memoirs, books that typically come with autographs, artificially … Continue reading

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