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Introducing Home Grown, my new Kindle Single

[Amazon] Some big news: today Amazon is publishing my Kindle Single Home Grown: Cage the Elephant and the Making of a Modern Music Scene. You can buy it here for $1.99, then read it on your smart phone, iPad, computer, … Continue reading

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Taylor Swift, Auto-Didact

In this week’s Rolling Stone, Taylor Swift talks history. “I just read a 900-page book called The Kennedy Women,” she tells the magazine. “This morning I bought books about John Adams, Lincoln’s Cabinet, the Founding Fathers and Ellis Island.” Let’s … Continue reading

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Michael Jackson and Monoculture

[x-posted at Splice Today] Not even Lester Bangs could eulogize Michael Jackson as effectively as has the collective car stereo of my New Haven neighborhood. Each time I went out this weekend—for pizza, for a library book, for a mind-clearing … Continue reading

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David Cook Loses His Cred

[Splice Today] When it comes to David Cook, last year’s American Idol, the best “road report” focuses on the ticket buying, not the concert going. See what I mean over at Splice Today.

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The worst thing about rewatching Almost Famous

. . . is hearing “The Chipmunk Song” play over the opening credits and realizing that it’s a harbinger of Jason Lee’s unfortunate future.

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The Lester Bangs of Saudi Arabia?

[Gelf] A few months ago, the New York Times ran a front-page story on Accolade, a Saudi Arabian rock band composed of female college students. Most of the reaction to this story focused on the band—their MySpace friend count went … Continue reading

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Axl and the Banshees

[x-posted at Gelf] In an excellent review of Guns N’ Roses’ excellent new album, Chuck Klosterman writes, “The weirdest (yet most predictable) aspect of Chinese Democracy is the way 60 percent of the lyrics seem to actively comment on the … Continue reading

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