Book hiatus

Hey there — some really exciting news! I’ve sold my book on presidents and their books, but that means I need to finish my book on presidents and their books. For that reason, I’m going to put this blog and most freelancing on hold for 2014. I’ll be back next year with more info about the book and, hopefully, with some new stories — many of them, I suspect, tied into my new home in the Midwest.

Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.


One thought on “Book hiatus

  1. Mr. Fehrman:

    I have just read your June, 2013, Los Angeles newspaper article regarding the Jefferson Davis property located in Biloxi, Mississippi and Davis’s place in American history.

    I see that your professional background is the subject of English and freelance writing.

    Why any newspaper enjoying any level of credibility trust a person with your professional background to comment on the most significant person in American history espousing the constitutionality of States Rights is truly unfortunate.

    The one benefit of my having read your Jefferson Davis piece is learning that you, yourself, are not a credible person and quite likely an ignorant person.


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