The first in a series on the Bridgeport Bluefish


I’ve been spending a lot of time lately at the Ball Park at Harbor Yard — better known as the home of the Bridgeport Bluefish, an independent baseball team. The stadium sits two Metro North stops away from where I live, in Milford, and the plan this summer is to write a series of dispatches on the team and on minor league baseball. The first dispatch is now up at Deadspin.

There’s some fun stuff in there, including a long interview with Tommy John, who became the manager of the Bluefish after Bobby Valentine recommended him. I talked to John right when Valentine was getting the worst of it from Boston fans, and John stood by his friend. “I guess what Pedroia’s saying,” John said, referring to the controversy over Valentine’s comments on Kevin Youkilis, “is that you gotta hold hands and sing Kumbaya. That’s not Bobby. He’s going to stir the pot. If those guys had to play for Dick Williams back in the 1960s, half the team would quit.”

Anyway, it should make for a fun series. I suspect John will reappear at some point, as well.


4 thoughts on “The first in a series on the Bridgeport Bluefish

  1. I was born and raised in Milford (now live in Indiana) and my parents were from Bridgeport. Your Bluefish story was touching and I look forward to more in the series.

  2. Glad to see the Bluefish featured on the front page of Deadspin. I wish there wasn’t a bit of a somber tone, but as 1 of the 100 folks that were there opening night, I get it. And by the way, as a fan since season 1–I never cared for Tommy John as the manager. Horrible manager. He was always very negative and didn’t seem very passionate about what he was doing. Glad you’re around to cover the team, maybe YOU’LL help fill some seats.

  3. Hey Craig – I’m a next actually heading to see the Bluefish next week, and I was reminded of your great Deadspin story. Did any more Bluefish stories show up any more this season? If so, where?

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