Calhoun vs. Krayeske


Reporters make for some of the toughest interviews, precisely because they know what makes for a tough interview. They directly address questions, rarely ramble, talk in soundbites.

This might seem like a writer’s dream—they even remember to pause and let you catch up!—but the best material in an interview often comes when people ramble, non-sequiturize, or just fill dead air. When reporters worry about helping you out and giving you what you “need” for a story, they often render the conversation sterile and predictable.

This was not a problem with Ken Krayeske. Despite Deadspin’s snark, Krayeske has a pretty solid resume as a reporter, but it’s his recent question to UConn coach Jim Calhoun that’s getting him national attention. The ensuing dust-up has generated plenty of inane opinion, but little actual reporting. So, with Gelf’s blessing, I decided to talk with Krayeske about his question. The results may surprise you.


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