Media Appearances

Radio / TV / Print

Below are links to the websites or, when available, the files themselves for various media appearances I’ve done. To read the stories that started it all, head over to my archive.

“Can the Stadium Fund be fixed?” Cincinnati Edition / WVXU (91.7). [mp3]
“Bin Laden and the Millennials.” Eric Rowell’s The Logic Connection. [link]
“The Real Hoosiers Town Takes Its Last Shot.” Sunday Morning News / WIBC (93.1 FM). [mp3]
“The Anonymous Political Novel.” ABC’s The Book Show. [mp3]
“The Incredible Shrinking Soundbite.” NPR’s Morning Edition. [mp3]
“Glenn Beck — Author?” Talk of the Town / WICC (600 AM). [mp3]
“Mark Twain’s New, 100-Year-Old Autobiography.” NPR’s On the Media. [mp3]
“The Real Story behind Mark Twain’s Autobiography.” CBC’s Q. [mp3]
“Libraries of the literary: preserving book biographies.” ABC’s The Book Show. [mp3]
“An Author’s Personal Library Lost and Found.” NPR’s All Things Considered. [mp3]
“The Cheshire Murder — By the Book.” The Rifkin Radio Show / WATR (1320 AM). [mp3]
“The Cheshire Murder — Coming to a Library Near You?” Talk of the Town / WICC (600 AM). [mp3]

“Bush, Blair, the memoirs, and the spin.” Al Jazeera’s The Listening Post. [link]

“Pitcher Profile: Aroldis Chapman.” Baseball Prospectus[link]
“Humanist ‘Bible’ takes on Book of Mormon, other sacred texts.” Salt Lake Tribune. [link]
“T-Paw and the Campaign Autohagiography.” Huffington Post. [link]
“How the Times Stole the Post’s Thunder.” Politico. [link]


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