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Here’s a reasonably complete archive of my writing, starting with five of my favorite pieces. (N.B. I’m waaaaaay behind on updating this, so please just check the blog for links to recent stuff.)

Greatest Hits

1. “Jericho Scott Has a Cold.” Deadspin. [pdf]
2. “The Fall of the House of Twain.” New York Press. [pdf]
3. “Good News?” New Haven Advocate. [pdf]
4. “Ghost Stories.” American Prospect. [pdf]
5. “Armen Keteyian’s Step Stool; and Other Strange Sights from the Greenwich LeBron Stakeout.” Deadspin. [pdf]


“A Major League Mistake: Cincinnati’s Stadium Fund Disaster.” Cincinnati Magazine. [pdf]
“Long Shot: Can a Hoosiers Museum Save Milan, Indiana?” Indianapolis Monthly. [pdf]
“Where have all the Reds’ fans gone?” Cincinnati Magazine. [pdf]
“Armen Keteyian’s Step Stool — and Other Strange Sights from Outside LeBron’s Decision.” Deadspin. [pdf]
The Best Florida Sports Bar in . . . Manhattan?” New York. [pdf]
“Sissies, Drunk Yoga, and the Last Pure Football Game: A Dispatch from Harvard-Yale.” Deadspin. [pdf]
“Jericho Scott Has a Cold.” Deadspin. [pdf]
“Stealing Home: The Rise of the Sports Aggregators.” Slate’s The Big Money. [pdf]
Parks and Recreation Cheats Indiana and Its Own Ambition.” The Shield. [pdf]


“The Forgotten Memorial: How 9/11 Changed Shanksville.” The New Republic. [pdf]

“The Fall of the House of Twain.” New York Press. [pdf]

“Murder He Wrote: The Controversy behind Cheshire’s True-Crime Book: .” New Haven Advocate. [pdf]
“Good News?” New Haven Advocate. [pdf]
“What’s Google Doing in Bloomington?” NUVO. [pdf]
“A Brief History of the Mall Kiosk.” Slate’s The Big Money. [pdf]
“A Table for Few at T.G.I. Friday’s.” Salon. [pdf]

Politics and Media

“The Incredible Shrinking Soundbite.” Boston Globe. [pdf]
“Inside the World of the Luxury Political Memoir.” Boston Globe. [pdf]
“Stalking the Washington Novel.” Los Angeles Times. [pdf]
“bin Laden and the Millennials.”  Los Angeles Times. [pdf]
“When Roger Ailes Was Honest about What He Does.” Salon. [pdf]
“Ghost Stories.” The American Prospect. [pdf]
“Do Journalists Conference Too Much About Journalism?” New Haven Advocate. [pdf]
“The Real Problem with VIP’s Smut Truck.” New Haven Independent. [pdf]
“Does Anybody Read a President’s Book?” New York. [pdf]
“The (Book) Party of Glenn Beck.” New Haven Advocate. [pdf]
“Jimmy Carter’s Publisher (Accidentally) Violates its own Embargo.” Washington Post. [pdf]
“The Tea Party’s Anti-history: A Profile of Jill Lepore.” Boston Globe. [pdf]
“The Professor’s Swerve: A Profile of Stephen Greenblatt.” Boston Globe. [pdf]

Media and Culture

“Jimmy Carter’s Publisher Accidentally Violates Its Own Embargo.” The Washington Post. [pdf]
“Jonathan Franzen and a Brief History of Time.” The Millions. [pdf]
“The Technician: A Profile of Rick Moody.” New Haven Advocate. [pdf]
“First Lady Lit: A Brief History of the First Lady Memoir.” New York Times. [pdf]
“What is a Ghostwriter?” Los Angeles Times. [pdf]
“Review of Ben Yagoda’s Memoir: A History.” Christian Science Monitor. [pdf]
“The Rumpus Interview with Sam Anderson.” The Rumpus. [pdf]

“Vonnegut Gets a Big New Biography.” Indianapolis Monthly. [pdf]

Book Reviews

“Review of Sam Munson’s November Criminals.” Wall Street Journal. [pdf]
“Review of Tom Bissell’s Extra Lives: Why Video Games Matter.” Christian Science Monitor. [pdf]
Review of James Kloppenberg’s Reading Obama and Jack Cashill’s Deconstructing Obama. Washington Post. [pdf]
Review of George W. Bush’s Decision Points. Boston Globe. [pdf]
Review of Scott Brown’s Against All Odds. Boston Globe. [pdf]
Review of David Foster Wallace’s The Pale King.” San Francisco Chronicle. [pdf]
Review of George W. Bush’s Decision Points.” The Boston Globe. [pdf]
Review of Edmund Morris’s Colonel Roosevelt. Boston Globe. [pdf]
Review of John Jeremiah Sullivan’s Pulphead. San Francisco Chronicle. [pdf]
Review of Clarence Lusane’s Black History fo the White House. San Francisco Chronicle. [pdf]


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